Damn it's Feb already

A new year with new possibilities

Well it's 2017 and so far it's been a rollercoaster, my son has been in hospital most of that time which was crappy for him and frustrating for me but thru it all we've managed to laugh a lot and I'm glad to say Lamar is improving rapidly into a slow recovery, meanwhile i've had some great gigs from Marrickville to Narooma to Melbourne with wonderful friends that play beautiful music, I really am lucky, so in amongst that I've been working on the Pat Powell album with another bunch of dear friends it's getting close and I might have to lean on you all to get it over the line, we'll see but i'll keep you posted. Right now i'm sad because two great musicians have left us but they both left musical imprints that i can hear whenever I want too...again that makes me lucky because it means i don't have to let go.

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